CSR Initiatives

Sky Jewellery has imbedded Corporate Social Responsibility to every aspect of our business endeavour. We believe in complying with the ethical, environmental and social requirements involved in running our business, produce positive changes and adjustments for the benefit of the company, our customers, our employees and of the local and national government.

We recognize every endeavour in making each of our product beautiful and of excellent quality. Sky Jewellery believes that by abiding with the Corporate Social Responsibility set forth by our company, we will be able to achieve more. We don’t believe in stopping at where we are at now; our goals to positively influence the lives that involve our business continue to drive us further.

Sky Jewellery adopts the responsibility of taking care of our employees, giving excellent customer service and elevating the stature of the areas where are stores grace. We believe that by giving back, we continue to receive and be able to serve more.

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