Serving our Customers

We believe that our customers are important stakeholders in our business and should be considered in the company’s decision-making. We believe that our customers deserve:

  • 1

    To be treated righteously, no matter what race, age or gender they belong.

    Sky Jewellery condemns discrimination of any type and our stores will become perfect venues where equality thrives.

  • 2

    To be given immediate attention for all their concerns.

    Sky Jewellery fosters long and lasting relationship with our customers and we have trained our staff to immediately address any question and concern that may have.

  • 3

    To acquire only the best products and experience the best customer service.

    Sky Jewellery strives to give our customers only the best products, responsibly sourced and sustainably packaged. We believe in giving excellent customer service and make customer’s shopping experience holistic.

Caring for Our Employees

Sky Jewellery believes that our employees play a vital role in running our business. In the spirit of giving back, we believe that our employees deserve to:

  • 1

    Have venues where they can air their work-related concerns and have the company address and assist them in every way possible.

  • 2

    Work in an environment where there no health or occupational hazards.

  • 3

    Recognized for their talents and their great contribution to the company. Sky Jewellery believes in treating our employees with respect and adheres to the laws of human rights.

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