Gold is one of today’s most coveted substances. It is a soft and versatile material that can be fashioned into so many things or added with other elements so that gold becomes strong enough for industrial use. Its lustre gives off a certain shine and glow, making it more attractive. For so many years, gold has and continues to be a status symbol. Across the globe, gold has always been present in stories and legends. Gold jewellery has also been associated with love and devotion, something that a person
gives to his loved one during important occasions. Gold is perceived is important and valuable; a lucrative item that symbolizes wealth and luxury.

Gold in Jewellery

One of the most extensive uses of gold is in the jewellery industry. It is believed that more than 6,000 years ago, man found out that he can fashion gold into several pieces of jewellery and used them as presents to their significant other. Gold jewelleries are also popular heirlooms that one generation passes to the other.

Knowing Your Gold

Pure gold or 24K gold is so soft and impractical to be worn. Artisans and jewellers mix other substances with gold for it to become strong and easily bend to the desired design. The added substances are also responsible for the gold’s coloring, often resulting to white, yellow and pink gold.

The K in gold distinguishes the “Karat” amount of gold present in your jewellery. 24K Gold is pure gold with no added substances. It can also be said that 24K gold is 24 parts of gold.

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    18K gold contains 18 parts of gold or 75 per cent gold.

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    14K gold is 14 parts of gold or 58.3 per cent gold.

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    10K gold is 10 parts gold or 41.7 per cent gold. It also contains the minimum

Caring for Your Gold

Gold is flexible, doesn’t tarnish and resistant to the damages brought about by time. Because of these qualities and with proper care, your gold jewellery will still be beautiful in many years to come.

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    Clean your gold jewellery using a dampened soft cloth or chamois. Dip the cloth into a gold cleaning solution and polish your jewellery in circular motion. After that, rub a dry area of your cleaning cloth into the gold surface in circular motion to remove excess fluids.

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    Your gold jewelleries should be stored apart from one another to avoid scratches on the surface if they happen to make contact. The ideal storage places are lined boxes with soft surroundings. Keep your small gold jewelleries apart from one another by individually wrapping them in tissue before storing.

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    Finally, it is important to insure all your gold jewellery so you can redeem their value in case they get stolen or missing. Insure them in reputable insurance companies and keep copies of their photographs to easily trace your items.

It is best to talk to your trusted jeweller and understand everything you need to know about your gold jewellery. Safekeeping, cleaning and insuring are some of the keys in keeping the gold jewellery in mint condition and make beautiful presents to your next generation.

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37.06 USD/gram(22 Ct)
40.43 USD/gram(24 Ct)
* Prices vary by city

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