Gemstones are precious (diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald) and semi-precious stones (amethyst, opal, citrine, onyx, pearl, peridot, etc.) used in jewellery, adornments and artwork. These stones are often brightly-colored with varying hardness, cut and clarity. Women like to pair the color of their gemstone jewelleries to their outfits, while other uses theirs as lucky charms. Furthermore, some gemstones are also birthstones which are often worn as rings or earrings.

Gemstones are graded under the naked eye. For the uninitiated, it is important to learn more about gemstones and understand their properties before settling for a purchase. These stones can become valuable part of your collection and you would want to spend on the finest quality to enjoy them to the fullest.

Unlike diamonds that have precise grading guide, gemstones do not. Because there are too many of them, scrutinizing them is best undertaken together with a professional jeweller. Some of the top considerations in determining the value of a gemstone are color, clarity and treatment. Furthermore, if you are buying for a certain person or occasion, purpose could also be a major factor.

Knowing your Gemstones

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    Color is a gemstone’s most defining characteristic. For gemstones with higher value, the hue should be pure with only little traces of other colors. The more saturated the color of the gemstone, the more valuable it becomes. Saturated gemstones often have traces of gray or brown and are easier to cut because the color is evenly distributed with minimal inclusions. The tone of the color refers to the depth, that is, rating the brightness or darkness of the hue. Gemstones that belong to the medium light to dark are often the most valuable.

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    Clarity refers to the inclusions, flaws, and blemishes found on the gemstones. It is natural for inclusions to be present in gemstones. However, the gemstones with fewer inclusions and flaws are the most valuable. Clouds or spots in gemstones often affect the sparkle and brilliance, and how light behaves on the surface. Gemstones that easily sparkles are give off brilliance rank higher in value.

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    It takes some calculation to arrive at a perfectly-cut gemstone. The cut does not only refer to the shape, but also its proportion and symmetry. Furthermore, an ideal cut allows for light to easily reflect back, making the gemstone shine and sparkle. Cut gives life to your gemstone, therefore it should not be too shallow nor too deep to allow optimum light reflection.

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    Treatment refers to the enhancement process that may permanently or temporarily change the appearance, color and durability of the gemstone. These treatments may include filling, heating, dyeing, coating and bleaching.

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    Purpose is an independent criterion that buyers may use when choosing a gemstone jewellery. You may choose gemstone jewellery of your favourite color so you can easily match them to your wardrobe. A mother may give her children jewellery containing their birthstone or a husband may present his wife a certain gemstone jewellery to signify the number of years they have been together.

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